Large Rhodonite Tumbled Stones


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Rhodonite is the Stone Of Emotional Release and Transformation. It helps one to deal with ranging emotions and extremes within. It can assist the mild and meek to find the strength and courage to admit to their truest feelings, longings and deepest desires, giving them the confidence to accept them and look to fulfil them. It can help the more robust and outspoken, dominant characters to soften and find a more delicate method in their approach to all things, especially topics that are sensitive in nature. It may help those that tend to be obnoxious or insensitive, focused primarily on their version of reality and truth to open to compassion and a deeper understanding for and of those around them.

Rhodonite has the ability to both soften and strengthen where needed. It assists in dealing with strong, undesirable emotions such as judgement, criticism, resentment, anger and competitiveness. Rhodonite also helps one to work through issues of shame and guilt. Often these strong negative emotions can feed into each other.

This crystal is the Master for dealing with all the things that everyone feels but is too ashamed or embarrassed to admit to. It’s the stone of emotional liberation and truth because once one admits this truth to themselves they give themselves the acceptance and support to follow through with its resolution. This does not however mean that in its acknowledgement that the emotion is in fact healed or diminished but rather the understanding within may lead a person to either resolve it or allow it to be a part of them with more awareness of it within themselves. It is within each persons free will to choose how they wish to be.

Working with Rhodonite can help to locate where in the body the unresolved emotion is sitting so that it can be addressed and released. Often people struggle to admit to themselves or to others when they feel these undesirable emotions and instead it may be easier to blame life or others for the way one feels. Working with Rhodonite helps one to take responsibility for their life, situation and feelings and puts a spotlight on relinquishing the need to blame and be in victimhood. The power to transform is strong within the Rhodonite when one is truly ready to own their responsibility.

The transformative energy in Rhodonite is like that of a powerful electrical storm. The black veins that run through its body are the roads and pathways to change. When one chooses to address these stuck emotions, the electrical current flows through these veins, unblocking and burning away the limitations, debris and negativity. When working with Rhodonite, one may ask it each time where it needs to be placed or held in the body to release whichever emotion the user feels ready to release. One may either visualise or hold the Rhodonite in that area or part of the body and visualise the transformation running through the veins of the stone and permeating the area where the emotion sits, allowing it to be intercepted and lovingly obliterated. Visualise the deep, loving Pink Vibration of Rhodonite surrounding these veins like a pink cloud of Love, forgiveness and acceptance. This powerful combination of both the Masculine and Feminine healing energies ensure that the healing process is whole at the level that the user is ready to allow.

This crystal is suited to children and adults. Young children, especially determined, strong minded and strong willed souls can benefit greatly from using or owning a piece of Rhodonite. It helps the young ones to work through their intensity and purpose and aids as a softening tool to their frustration and impatience. For the highly evolved children that feel and act a lot older and wiser than their age, Rhodonite helps to act as a great balancer to their often overloaded minds, concerns and feelings of responsibility. The loving vibration of Rhodonite helps to harmonise the heart chakra, lending a reassuring and gentle blanket of support to both children and adults.


All Large Tumbled Stones vary slightly in Length, Width and Weight.

The average Length is 35 - 45mm Long and the Width is between 25 - 35mm.

These tumbled Stones weigh between 30 - 45 grams

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