Selenite Hearts


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Selenite Hearts
Selenite Hearts
Selenite has a pure, harmonising and peaceful energy.  Used in the home it imbues the space with an energy of tranquility and protection.  It is fantastic for use in meditation, assisting one to go deep within themselves for clarity, guidance and accessing their own truth. Using Selenite helps to focus with precision ones intentions with clarity.  Working with Selenite together with Sodalite helps anchor the changes one is trying to implement in their life and their combination enhance concentration and organisation.

Selenite is said to strengthen the bones and teeth.  Selenite may also help to repair cells and regenerate new cell growth.  It may help to heal any damage or dis-ease in the body.  This may be done by placing a piece of Selenite directly on top of the organs and muscles that need repair.

Selenite spheres embody the energy of the Divine Goddess and of Healing. They resemble the glorious full moon, rich in depth, connectedness and wisdom. The energy of these spheres project out like the light out of a lighthouse and one can visualise and feel this in the space where they place it. These spheres are wonderful for new mothers and babies as Selenite holds the energy of the Divine Feminine, of nurturing and unconditionality. Take care not to wet Selenite as it is a soft stone and will absorb water and lose its polish and sheen.

Selenite also scratches easily so take care when handling it.

105 mm length
100 mm width
23 mm depth
Selenite Hearts
Selenite Hearts

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