Blue Calcite Deep Sleep Eggs 3


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Blue Calcite Deep Sleep Eggs 3
Blue Calcite Deep Sleep Eggs 3

Blue Calcite is a master healer. It has a profound sweeping energy. It takes whatever is given to it and it transmutes it, exchanging healing energy in its place. Blue Calcite may be extremely effective at taking the pain, infection, swelling and any dis-ease out of the body. The user may hold a piece of blue calcite in both hands and visualise sending all ill feelings into it. Relief is often felt quite quickly. Alternatively one may place a piece of blue calcite on the body where there is pain and allow it to be drawn out by this beautiful, healing stone.

Rubbing the body with my Blue Calcite Massage stones can literally lift out any stored stress and pain in the body. Self massage with these beautiful stones brings quick relief to the user and an overall feeling of wellbeing to the whole body. For optimum healing and rejuvenation, perform this full body massage for 10 minutes before going to sleep, allowing the body to unwind and rejuvenate overnight. Blue Calcite is good to use on a bloated stomach. Massaging with a Blue Calcite massage stone around the belly may assist with relieving bloating, gas and internalised stress and pressure held in ones stomach and digestive system. This process can be performed as is needed by the user.

Blue Calcite is a miraculous sleep doctor. Programming a blue calcite egg, heart or sphere for deep sleep, can help one who has struggled with getting to sleep or for those that have broken, restless sleep. It allows the body and mind to feel at ease and to let go.

Blue Calcite is also an excellent stone for those that have stress conditions. It can help to siphon off the mental intensity that goes with over thinkers and it can work at soothing an overly burdened mind.

Blue Calcite can help one to express their feelings peacefully and with greater ease, assisting the user to get things off their chest. This is also a gentle, and calming stone for children.


70mm Long (approx)

50mm Wide (approx)

Blue Calcite Deep Sleep Eggs 3
Blue Calcite Deep Sleep Eggs 3

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