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Kyanite is a Master Healing Stone.  It vibrates with overcoming fear and healing the Kidneys.  The Kidneys house Jing which is our invisible vital essence and life-force energy.  Our Jing is depleted through living in fear or by living in a destructive manner.  People with destructive tendencies, addictions and bad habits, toxic attitudes and or energy all compromise their Jing Reserve.  Working with a Kyanite can help to build up your Jing Reserve. 

Each person needs to own the responsibility of their life, their actions, their choices, their thoughts and where they may find themselves at the moment in time that they have this opportunity to ultimately change and redirect their pathway and karma.  Kyanite is essentially the Stone of Responsibility.  All negative, destructive behaviour is all linked to a lack of Self Responsibility.  It often links to a fear of dying which in truth translates to a fear of living.  Negative destructive tendencies and ways of being all overshadow ones true path and calling, draining ones Jing Reserve.

Everyones fears are different, many have a fear of failure, others feel unworthy and not deserving of who they are and longing to truly be.  It is extremely common that human beings are in a constant battle with themselves and this fear.  Fear is a big part of our human journey and Kyanite ultimately addresses the fear of death and facilitates the death of fear. This ultimately addresses our fear of living and gives us the confidence and courage to stand up to what holds us back from living our life, the excuses both big and small and the keys that unlock the chains that free us to move forward.

Kyanite is linked to Archangel Michael.  Archangel Michael is the Archangel of Protection, Justice, Healing and Transformation.  He is who one calls upon when in fear or in a state of panic, terror and loss of control and victimhood.  Archangel Michael’s Sword helps to cut away the negative ties and all the energy that binds us to negativity. Kyanite Blades act in the same way .  They are blessed with the ability to help one cut the ties to destructivity, cut the energy of lack of responsibility and they help to empower one to let go of what keeps one stuck, or small, negative, weak, safe and or in victimhood in all its forms. 

Kyanite has a big job to do.  It has the true gift and potential to help the brave who want to change.  It requires trust and a huge faith that things can and will be different.  Change requires courage and an open heart and mind.  The mind controls fear yet Kyanite is King and can help to quietly contain it and bring it in to peace.  One can place the Kyanite Blade over the third eye whenever feeling lost, confused, in despair and or frustrated with life.  It helps to ease insecurity and the fear that things will never change.  Visualise being surrounded in a forcefield of Kyanite energy, enveloping one with the energy of protective passage up and away from the destructive habits that negatively affect ones life. The Kyanite will help to lift the user up above where they are vibrating in a negative space up to a new plane of possibility and freedom.

Allow the energy to calm your thoughts, ideas and mental projections.  Visualise the point that joins the two kidneys filling them up to their natural optimum level of Jing and allow that feeling of comfort and warmth to settle within you.  The feeling of this energy feels like clarity and clarity always gives one the feeling of knowing and of responsibility.  Feeling Responsible in the positive is empowering, is stable and is whole.

This may take several times and is not something that can be rushed, overdone or abused.  The body together with this process of change takes the time that it needs to ultimately restore its balance. Results should well be felt after the first few times and one must feel guided going forward as to how to connect with this incredible gift of energy and life.