Chrysocolla Tumbled Stones


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Chrysocolla is the stone to use for overcoming fears and stress in the body. It helps one address what is needed to create change. It is very soothing and beneficial to the throat and heart chakras. It instils faith that people can change what has been a part of them for a long time, often as long as one can remember. Fear feeds off a lack of trust and a continued cycle of self doubt or not feeling good enough. In this way, Chrysocolla may be used to help one believe in their best version of themselves and to knock the doubts on the head as they arise. Chrysocolla works steadily in the background with the user where more is not always best. It teaches us to feel humility and gratitude along the journey of our transformation. It helps to release guilt and suppressed emotions.

Chrysocolla helps one to overcome mental hurdles and instills a quiet confidence and trust that all is well. It is a great stone for adrenal balance, balancing the metabolism and alleviating long standing stress patterns in the body. Working with Chrysocolla over time may help retrain the body to feel safe again. It may also help to reverse the learnt automatic stress response.

Chrysocolla is deeply connected to Mother Earth and the elements. It holds the energy of creation and the energy of the Earth Heart and is a beautiful stone to use to connect with Mother Earth. As we begin to heal ourselves we also heal the planet.


All Tumbled Stones vary slightly in Length and Width, the Average being 30mm Long and 25mm Wide.

Tumbled Stones Weigh between 25 - 35 grams

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