Ethereal Amethyst Generator


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Ethereal Amethyst Generator
Ethereal Amethyst Generator

Amethyst is a great stone to use for the activation of deeper intuition. It helps to open ones third eye and heighten ones senses overall. It helps you to trust your own feelings and guidance.  Most people have varying levels of intuition.  It is supportive for those experiencing doubt or fear yet it can also bring in to balance those that are over enthusiastic, reaching too far, too soon.

Amethyst has been known to be good for sufferers of anxiety, mental stress and dysfunctional energy.  Placing a piece of Amethyst in a dysfunctional family home can help to encourage better understanding between its members. The same applies to dysfunctional romantic relationships encouraging unity and harmony and better listening.

Amethyst may be used to assist with calming down before going to sleep and to help prevent sleep disturbances and bad dreams.  Rubbing a piece of Amethyst around the temples and third eye may help to ease headaches and trapped stress. Also carrying a point with you to work and holding it during stressful periods can be very soothing and helpful in overcoming these challenging moments.

Pink Amethyst aids in the cultivation and strengthening of Emotional Intelligence, Intuition and Wisdom.  Pink Amethyst awakens a deeper sense of what feels right and wrong.  When making emotional decisions in particular, Pink Amethyst gives the user the confidence to trust what they are feeling within their heart and their gut and the fortitude to follow through with greater positive expectations.
It assists with creating a calm and peaceful energy in ones personal space and soothes the Heart Chakra and Upper Heart area.



95mm Long

70mm Wide 

Ethereal Amethyst Generator
Ethereal Amethyst Generator

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