Large Amazonite Tumbled Stones


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Amazonite is an Amazing heart Stone. It helps to deal with deeply buried emotions that plague most people. It helps one to accept the things they can and cannot change or
control, learning how to deal with it in a space of allowing. Amazonite can be used to address deep seated issues of guilt and shame. It unlocks ones hidden chambers in their heart, lending a voice to the throat to speak what they have not previously had words for. Working with an Amazonite can be both soothing and enlightening.

It is a wonderful stone for those afraid to speak up, those who have been conditioned not to express their feelings and those who suffer in silence, internalising what they are going through/gone through. It is very powerful for victims of control and emotional abuse with its dual powers of internal reconciliation and liberation from bondage. Working with Amazonite is also quite cathartic, with the user having many light bulb moments and realisations. Amazonite is a great stone for one to use when mapping out ones Hearts Desires. It assists one to work on feeling deserving and truly worthy and giving themselves permission to ask what it is that they truly wish for. This exercise can often be greatly amplified when paired with a citrine point. Citrine is the stone of Manifestation and can greatly assist the birthing of all new things. Amazonite may also assist the user to find their voice for what it is they no longer want. It empowers them to own and say no to all the things that no longer serve them.


40 - 50mm Long (approx)

25 - 35mm Wide (approx)

9 Stones Available and the size and shapes slightly vary.

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