Lemon Chrysoprase Sphere 5


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Lemon Chrysoprase Sphere 5
Lemon Chrysoprase Sphere 5

Lemon Chrysoprase is the stone of Universal Peace and Unity Consciousness and it is a protector of Innocence. It is very protective and well suited to guard the purity and innocence of babies, children and adults as well. Placed in the bedroom or within the home, it forms a shield and protective cloud keeping unwanted energy away and at bay.

This crystal is great for anyone that is troubled within themselves, suffering with inner turmoil and having sleep disturbances. Having a piece of Lemon Chrysoprase on ones bedside table helps to imbue the sleep space with peace and tranquility.

Lemon Chrysoprase is a very good support stone for any victims of drug abuse, in particular those that are related to or directly influenced or affected by those with the addiction. It could be the addicts themselves who are seeking strength to overcome their dependency. More so this stone would act as a protective shield for the children, family or partners who are negatively affected by loves ones battling the addiction and the negativity often associated with it.

Lemon Chrysoprase protects against the Addiction to Power and Control. This is particularly for people who want to be liberated from those that are either possessive, controlling, abusive, domineering, manipulative and into power in any form. True Power within allows and encourages each to stand in their own power. Disempowerment is where people place conditions, fear, doubt and insecurity in and on others. Each of us need to be free to express our own beauty, essence and magnificence without the fear of being stripped of it or managed by others. This crystal is so gentle yet fiercely protective of ones right to owning their personal power in Love and in the Light.

Lemon Chrysoprase embodies the energy of Unity Consciousness and works to unite in oneness, love, respect and cooperation of a unified goal and vision. It is the perfect stone to work with for focussing on creating world peace.

The soothing energy of this stone works well with those that are dealing with grief and loss. In particular where there is guilt associated with the grief, Lemon chrysoprase helps one to find forgiveness for themselves and the acceptance to move on. This is a wonderful crystal to use for dealing with all forms of guilt. It helps to get to its roots, locating wherever it is sitting within the body and the emotions so that it can be released and healed.

Lemon Chrysoprase is known to aid in fertility and greater hormonal balance, creating harmony within the reproductive system. Similarly it is a wonderful stone for those going through menopause. It can help to heal the grief associated with one cycle coming to an end and the embracing of the new phase.



Lemon Chrysoprase Sphere 5
Lemon Chrysoprase Sphere 5

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