Mangano Calcite Palmstones


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Mangano Calcite Palmstones
Mangano Calcite Palmstones

Mangano Calcite is one of the most gentle and soothing healing crystals. It is a very good crystal for babies and young children, with its nurturing and reassuring vibration. Mangano Calcite heals subtly yet steadfastly over a period of time. Often the user will not see or feel the obvious changes that have taken place until they realise they are in a completely new space within themselves around the issues and emotions that were once so challenging.

Mangano Calcite is a beautiful healing stone for the heart and emotions. It works on the emotional centre’s pathway to the heart, where past hurts and betrayals may live. It helps to heal that pathway so that it may be strengthened and fortified so that new emotional patterns and experiences may be had.

It helps one to detach from the hurts of others, realising that it is not their issue to carry or take on. This is an empowerment of ones freedom to choose what they take forward in to future experiences. One can then truly step in to their own emotionality and the language of their own heart.

There is a great strength in vulnerability and Mangano Calcite in this way is both gentle yet strong in its purity. It encourages the user to tap in to their authentic emotional self, the parts of themselves that they hide from the world out of shame or fear of judgement. It is a wonderful stone to work with for forgiveness of others and most importantly of self.

For ones beauty and anti ageing routine, Mangano Calcite Palmstones may be used to assist in the dissipation of fine lines and wrinkles.



Palmstones vary slightly in size, ranging from 40mm Long (approx) up to 45mm Long (approx) and ranging in width from 30mm Wide (approx) to 40mm Wide (approx)

Weights vary between 15 - 30 grams

All Palmstones are valued at $13.50

Mangano Calcite Palmstones
Mangano Calcite Palmstones

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