Medium Clear Quartz Heart Geode


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Medium Clear Quartz Heart Geode
Medium Clear Quartz Heart Geode

Clear Quartz is known to assist with clarity, focus and pure intention. This is a great crystal to use for greater mental concentration. It is useful for all new beginnings, creative, personal and business projects. It helps plant the divine seeds of inspiration, helping to lay the foundations for all dreams, goals and visions that one wishes to achieve. On the physical plane, using Clear Quartz can help to harness ones energy, attention and focus and assist in activation. It facilitates clear, honest communion with self and with others.

Clear Quartz has a pure crystalline energy resembling beautiful white light. Within this white light lives the Rainbow which contains all colours of the spectrum which are whole within the white light. This crystal and this energy is suited to those who are seeking healing, purity and connection in their lives and within themselves.

It sheds negativity and thought forms projected from others and outside forces. It fortifies and strengthens the body and its organs, the mind and its peace and the eyes which are the windows to the soul so that one may view the world with greater love and understanding.

It clarifies emotions which are superficial and niggle away at ones energy as well as assisting to find deeper understanding of the longer standing emotional patterns which may have been carried from childhood or bought in from another lifetime. It helps the mind to understand them which may then help to work at dissipating the mental/emotional relationship and the emotional charge.

Clear Quartz acts to shed the dross, the build up and the excess which often confuses and masks the truth of who one is. This is often self created and imposed when one self sabotages. Working with Clear Quartz brings one back in to connection with ones soul and true self, stripping projected or self created delusion.

One can connect with their Clear Quartz for a healing session. Connecting with the clear quartz helps to bring in tranquility, inner calm, stillness and high vibrational bliss. It is a wonderful way to temporarily escape from troubles, go within and seek out solutions to problems, gain clarity and take the edge off whatever intensity one is facing in their life.

A 15 minute quiet meditation or lay down with a clear quartz can leave the user feeling rejuvenated and with their energy restored. Clear Quartz is ones link to the light. Wherever one may feel down or that they have lost their way, connecting with their clear quartz helps one to reconnect to their light within.


60mm Long (approx)

70mm Wide (approx)

Medium Clear Quartz Heart Geode
Medium Clear Quartz Heart Geode

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