Rainbow Moonstone Tumbled Stones


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Moonstone is one of the best stones to work with to achieve emotional and hormonal balance. It helps the user to build more emotional confidence and stability, bringing any extremes within back in to a more fluid harmony and wholeness. Moonstone can be used to aid in protection where one may be feeling emotionally or physically vulnerable.

Moonstone is linked to the Divine feminine and Goddess Energy. It is connected to the energy of the moon, her cycles and ones own cycles, as well as her wisdom and clarity. It helps the user to soften and open and it heightens receptivity to intuition within and ones innate knowing.

Moonstone is a fantastic stone to use for women dealing with recurring menstrual issues such as PMS, moodiness, excessive oversensitivity and anger, in particular misguided anger, or for those that tend to lash out and lay blame when overwhelmed by the intensity of their inner turmoil and personal struggles they are trying to deal with. Where the user is open to it, it helps them to see themselves outside of their “reactivity” and then work through it. An acceptance may be reached where the user can find a place of calm within despite the unfavourable emotions or circumstances they face.

Moonstone is a very supportive stone for pregnant women. Working with a moonstone whilst pregnant may heighten the users intuition and awareness of their body, hormones, emotions and their feeling of connection to their unborn baby. It may also assist in embracing each of the stages of pregnancy, preparing for birth with more confidence and stronger self esteem. It can help to support the mother owning her decisions around how she chooses to mother, to give birth and to raise her child, not feeling pressured or bullied into following societal expectations, judgements, supposed norms and acceptability around motherhood.

Moonstone is an extremely beneficial stone for victims of any form of abuse. One may use their moonstone in the following visualisation/ meditation to assist with healing required. Visualise the moonstones energy resembling that of a vast, gentle and peaceful flowing waterfall, flowing from the throat into the heart, down over the breasts and solar plexus and holding it just above the navel, sitting with this energy for as long as is required. Using the moonstone whilst visualising this assists in the release and in the peace and restoration required. One may practise this as they need, which in turn may assist in the overcoming of victimhood and stepping up in to a more empowered place of being.

Moonstone may also be used powerfully by men who wish to get more in touch with their sensitivity and intuition. A man who is both whole in his masculinity and sensitivity may be more likely to live and fulfil a more meaningful life experience.

All Tumbled Stones vary in shape and size and are approximately 30 mm long and 20 mm wide and weigh between 15 -25 grams


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