Ruby In Fuchsite Egg


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Ruby In Fuchsite Egg
Ruby In Fuchsite Egg

The following description includes the properties of both Fuchsite and Ruby as well as their combined energetic relationship.

Fuchsite is the stone for good health. The human body accepts its energy, often with minimal resistance. Fuchsite, if allowed, can take from the user what is out of date and balance. It dutifully heals and restores the imbalances back in to wholeness. Good health results when everything in the body is flowing and working as a whole, integrated and harmonious unit.

Fuchsite is useful in healing circulatory problems, carpal tunnel and arthritis. It can be programmed to help the body shift from having an excessive appetite, to eating more in harmony with what the body really needs whilst empowering the user to choose what to enjoy without guilt and deprivation. Working with the Fuchsite in this way will bring to the surface all the triggers and emotional responses and patterns around overeating. It can empower the user to make a very positive shift. I offer this service for those interested so please request this when purchasing.

Ruby is a very powerful stone. It was used in ancient times as a stone of protection and was worn by royalty and people in positions of power and authority. Ruby has a rejuvenating energy and is a pure power source of life force energy. It is transformational, like lightning and it can restore passion, health, vigour and emotional wellbeing to the user. Ruby combines the energy of the base chakra together with the energy of the heart chakra. It can therefore bring the integration of unconditional love in to the physical experience.

Ruby in Fuchsite can be described as the stone of bliss. It combines the energy and properties of both stones, although the unity of the two creates its own powerful being. Ruby in Fuchsite is a compassionate heart centred stone. It allows deep healing to take place in the heart, mind and the body. It helps to unravel long held negative, emotional belief systems which once addressed can be changed in to more positive, compassionate ones. This is particularly successful around themes of body image, feeling loveable, self love and self belief.

It is a wonderful stone of support, lending a nurturing loving energy to the user and to the environment it is placed in. A Ruby in Fuchsite sphere is a wonderful piece to place in the home, in particular the family room. It holds the energy of trust, love, support and relationship building. The protectiveness of the ruby inclusion is a desirable energy to anchor in to the home. Having a piece placed in the bedroom or ones personal space is also beneficial as Ruby in Fuchsite helps to merge a deeper relationship with ones self.



70mm Long (approx)

45mm Wide (approx)

Ruby In Fuchsite Egg
Ruby In Fuchsite Egg

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