Small & Medium Lapis Lazuli Tumbled Stones


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Lapis Lazuli is the stone of perception, intuition and wisdom. It assists the user to clarify and differentiate within themselves their true perception and that of others. It allows for the understanding and separation of expectations placed on them for all the things they can and can’t do. This stone would work very well for those who get into patterns of not feeling good enough and seeking validation and approval from others. Their perception of themselves is often masked by that of others. Lapis may help the user to unravel and understand why they have allowed that. This may be due to disempowerment in all its forms such as gender, sexual, cultural and racial and it can often stem back to ones childhood and upbringing. Issues around self esteem, self worth and ones belief systems may be assessed with more clarity and recalibrated where necessary.

Placing the Lapis Lazuli or visualising it at ones third eye may allow clarity to emerge from within. This clarity can then push away all that is not in alignment with ones true ideas, understanding and deeper knowing. This is a very powerful visualisation and exercise to do in peace and in acceptance of change. It empowers the user to go forward in creating their version of reality and not somebody else's.

Lapis has a rich, deep opulence and it can be used to create a better quality lifestyle. It may be a better work/life balance, seeking out deeper, more fulfilling connections, friendships and relationships and feeling more like one is living on and in their purpose.

It awakens the yearnings of the soul and engenders a deeper confidence and connectedness to their Divine Source and their connection. This is a deeply transformational journey for those who feel drawn to it.




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